Dear Parents and Students,

The first two months of the School year 2018-19 gave us a lot of excitement and helped us to be grateful. The visit of the massive Typhoon Mangkhurt in September gave us some anxiety but we were so grateful that our campus was strong and sturdy and only a small part of the artificial ceiling was brought down by the curtain. We are equally grateful that we have committed staff who promptly fixed everything up. The Fun Walk and Run 2018 was yet another occasion for us to cherish the moments with our families and be mindful of our own well-being.

These two memorable experiences have accentuated the theme of the year, “Seek your Treasure”. The joy of realizing that we are having something valuable is a great delight because treasure has a special connection to the heart, the place of desire and longing, the place of will and focus. Mark Twain, the famous writer, once said, “Life is a treasure hunt” because humankind has a yearning for the Truth, Goodness and Beauty and we are called to set out for a search for--and discovery of—our own personal treasure that can make us whole and fulfilled. God has given each of us many treasures, and we have to be thankful.

As this treasure hunt is a life long journey concomitant with our growth, our treasures will change from something temporal to something more spiritual, transcendental and long lasting. We have to let our children know that in addition to what we have already possessed, there are even more treasures in life for us to discover. But before looking for other treasures, we must treasure what we have. Therefore, in school, we teach our students to take good care of their belongings and also treat others’ belonging with care and respect. We also teach them to value something more spiritual like our families, relationships, friendship, nature, health and so forth. We hope our students will be evermore grateful. If we really treasure what we have, we will have great sense of contentment. However, we should not stop there.

The theme of the year is “Seek Your Treasure”. The word “seek” denotes some actions, it means to pursue, go after, strive for, go for, push towards, work towards…in brief, we have to make effort to get our treasure. It can mean we have to do so something to make the treasure stay with us. For example, if we treasure our belongings, we will have to keep them clean and intact. If we treasure our families, we have to spend time with our loved ones and do something to make one another happy. As times goes by, we will have to determine our priorities and find the greatest treasure among the other treasures. Jesus told us a parable which is worth our consideration, "the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found, and hid. In his joy, he goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field” (Mt 13:44). Very often, the acquisition of a treasure calls for some sacrifice and letting go of other things which are also dear to us.

Finally, once we find our treasure, we have to share it with others. In this way, life will be more beautiful with more treasures. May the Lord grant us the wisdom to identity the treasure and the strength to get our treasure. Then, having found it, may we have the generosity to share it with others.

Have a wonderful and exciting year of treasure hunt!

United in thanksgiving,
Sr. Pauline Yuen MIC