15 January 2014 – 22nd Annual Sports Day


Our 22nd Annual Sports Day was held on 15 January, 2014 at Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground. We were happy to have Professor Patrick Lau, a Professor in the Department of Physical Education in the Hong Kong Baptist University, to be our guest of honour. In addition, Mr Elec Ho Hoi Keung, the chairman of our Parent Teacher Association, was also our guest on that day.

The Athletic March in the opening ceremony was a spectacular sight as the representatives of each house march across the sports ground with their colour house flags.

The event which evoked the greatest interest was the torch relay. Each team was made up of Good Hopers from Secondary, Primary and Kindergarten, and even our teachers! The spectators went into a flush of excitement when they saw teachers and little KG girls running the race.

At the end of the Sports Day, prizes were presented to the winners by our principal, Sister Pauline and the chief guests. Holly House was declared the Overall Champion and Edelweiss House was awarded the Best Cheering Team. Our Sports Day ended with joy, excitement and exhaustion for all!


1 January 2014 - New Year Concert


The senior choir and the orchestra participated in the New Year Concert sponsored by the Secondary section. Members of the choir and the orchestra took part in a music camp where they learnt a wide repertoire under the batons of Mr Tobias Cole and Mrs Katie Cole from Australia, Miss Melody Tang and Mr. Kelvin Ngai, our music directors. The concert was a show case of what they had learnt and it was a very enriching experience for them to perform with the choirs of both the Kindergarten and the Secondary sections


21 December 2013 – Blessing of the New Reception Area and Fun Fair Day


21 December was a day of double happiness. First, we were honoured to have His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Zen and Father Christopher Chor, OP, officiate the blessing rite of our new reception area. Fr. Christopher read the Word of God and Cardinal Zen delivered the blessing. All were very happy that we had such a welcoming reception area.

It was also the great day of our Fun Fair. After the blessing rite, guests were cordially invited to the opening ceremony of our Fun Fair Day. This year, the Fun Fair heralded the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Good Hope School The day was packed with spectacular performances, interesting game booths, surprising prizes, and yummy food and drinks for all.

As our mascot for this fun fair was the much loved “Bear”—sign of strength and courage, many bears of different sizes, were not only on view but were also walking around the venue greeting everyone. This helped to create a more fun and carnival atmosphere. This event was deemed a success by all and we ended the day with lots of laughter and joy.

To promote concern for animal welfare, we also had a booth to raise funds for the Non-Profit Making veterinary services society Ltd. (NPV). Thanks to parents and students for their arduous support, we were able to raise HK$ $11,945. We were also given a certificate of appreciation and a letter of acknowledgement.


18 December 2013 - Christmas Celebration


We celebrated Christmas with joyful hearts before the holiday. We began the celebration with a liturgy and a nativity play which reminded us that the birth of Jesus Christ was the primary reason of celebrating the festival. After the Liturgy, the choir sang some Christmas carols and the orchestra also performed some musical pieces from the Sound of Music. The unexpected highlight was the greetings from the Rilakkuma Bear and Santa Claus. Souvenirs of the 60th Anniversary were also distributed by the Santa. We all enjoyed celebrating the season of joy!


10 December 2013 - Kowloon North Area Inter-Primary School Athletic Competition


The School athletic team participated in the Kowloon North Area Inter-Primary School Athletic Competition held at Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground.
Every team member performed well that day and many achieved their new personal best. Girls A 4X100m relay team even broke the records of Girls A 4X100m relay.
Our team got 4 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals and won the overall championships in Girls A Grade and 1st-runner up in Girls B Grade.
Let us praise God and give Him all the glory.


6 December 2013 - Celebration of MIC Feast Day

In order to show our thankfulness to the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conceptions (MIC), the primary staff and students gathered together to celebrate the Feast Day of the MIC sisters, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, on 6th December, 2013. The celebration was held in a warm and joyful atmosphere with much singing and sharing. After listening to the Word of God, we prayed to the Lord for His blessings on the MIC. Through chatting with the MIC sisters, our girls knew more about the life of the sisters and how they responded to the call from God. Gifts were presented to the MIC sisters by the staff of GHPS and the student representative. The celebration ended with a Spanish song ‘Santa Maria Del Camino’ (Our Lady of the Way) taught by the MIC sisters.


23 November 2013 - HK Island & Kowloon Region Inter-Area Primary Schools Swimming Competition 2013-2014


9 girls from Good Hope Primary represented Kowloon North District to participate in the HK Island & Kowloon Region Inter-Area Primary Schools Swimming Competition 2013-2014 on 23 November 2013. We prayed before the competition and gave thanks to God for the gifts of our strong bodies and great supportive parents. Our girls performed well that day. We got 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze. Kowloon North District won the Girls Overall Champion. Praise God and all the glory to Him.


21 November 2013 – House Captains Election


To promote students’ participation in school activities, the School has revised the house system into 5 houses: Holly, Orchid, Pansy, Edelweiss and Rose. An exciting election of the House Captains was conducted for the first time in our school. Three P.6 girls from each house had to deliver their platform speeches to all the students in the hall. All their housemates cast their votes and after careful counting by the teachers, the captains and assistant captains have been chosen to lead their houses to new heights.



18 November 2013 - the Music for the Millions Concert - “Virtuoso Concertos”


Students of 4E attended the Music for the Millions Concert - “Virtuoso Concertos” organized by Leisure and Cultural Services Department on 18th November, 2013. Its purpose was to showcase to the audience the rich timbre variety of different string instruments and the virtuosity of the performers. Highlights of the concert included classical works for string ensembles written by distinguished composers such as Bach, Handel, Purcell, Haydn and Telemann. All the students enjoyed the performance.


3 October 2013 - “The Transcendent Instrument” Pipe Organ Education Concert


Students of 5D attended the “The Transcendent Instrument” Pipe Organ Education Concert on 3rd October, 2013. It was an Arts Education programme organized by Hong Kong Cultural Centre. To expose students to this powerful instrument which is hailed as “King of the Instruments”, the Cultural Centre invited two outstanding local organists, Marsha Chow and Gary Tong, to host this education concert. They illustrated the origin and development, the structure and the different musical styles of the pipe organ, as well as the comparison of it with other keyboard instruments, through live demonstrations with audio-visual displays. The two organists also demonstrated the beautiful sounds of the pipe organ with lively story-telling


13 November 2013 – IPD Drama Show


A drama show to arouse students’ awareness on protecting intellectual property rights was arranged for our P3, P4 and P6 students by the Intellectual Property Department . The artists delivered a lively performance with much interaction with students. This helped our students understand the importance of protecting the intellectual property rights.


5 November, 2013 – Basketball friendly match with Heep Yunn Primary School


The School basketball team was invited to have a friendly match with Heep Yunn Primary School on 5 November 2013. Our team played very well and won the match at 33:25. During the match, Sr. Pauline, some of our Senior Teachers and P.E. teachers came to cheer for them. We hope the team will play well in the Kowloon North Area Inter-Primary School Basketball Competition later.


11 November 2013 - Talk on ‘Love and Care of Your Pet’


To help our students understand better the core value of love, which can be extended to the love of little animals, our school has invited a vet, Dr. Tiffany Ho, a former Good Hoper, to give us a talk on “love and care of your pet”.  This talk also promotes the awareness of animal welfare. The assembly was full of joy and laughter. Students were very attentive and excited as they could have a close contact with two puppies brought by Dr. Tiffany and her friend.


11 October 2013 - Kowloon North Area Inter-Primary School
Swimming Competition


The School swimming team participated in the Kowloon North Area Inter-Primary School Swimming Competition held at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool. Before the competition, they took time to pray for strength and give thanks to God for the gift of strong bodies and great supportive parents. Every team member performed well that day and many achieved their new personal best. Ng Yee Wing (5D) and Scarlet Lee (5E) broke the records of Girls B 50m Butterfly swimming. Our team got 6 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze medals and won the overall championships in both Girls A and B Grade. Let us praise God and give Him all the glory.


6 & 13 October 2013 – The 10th Bible Reading Competition


Over 20 students from P2-6 participated in the Bible Reading Competition sponsored by Rosary Church. As His Eminence Cardinal Zen pointed out, it was a blessing to these children who were given the opportunity to proclaim the Word of God because they could experience the sweetness of God’s Word and the tangibility of God’s Love. Our girls were filled with confidence as they proclaimed the Word of God on stage and they strived to do their best in front of the adjudicator and audience. All participants did very well in the competition and were awarded the certificate of merit while Hon Wing Huen of P5 was awarded first-runner up in the Intermediate Level.


5 & 12 October 2013 – P1 Admission Interview (2014-2015)


Teachers and student helpers were very busy on these two Saturdays when applicants for our 2014-15 Primary one classes were interviewed. Our interview process had been very smooth because we were blessed with the outstanding assistance of a group of Good Hope girls from Primary 6 to Secondary 5. These big sisters served the Primary One applicants and their parents as Ambassadors. They demonstrated their leadership, communication and people skills in providing active supports to parents and their little girls. It was also gratifying to see how the big sisters teach the younger ones to serve professionally. We are proud of them as members of the Good Hope Family.


7 October, 2013 – The Month of the Rosary


Students of P. 5 introduced the Month of the Rosary to the whole school on 7 October, Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. The Catholic Church encourages us to pray the Rosary especially during this month of October to honour our Holy Mother, Mary. Through the mediation on the mysteries of the Rosary, we will be led to thank God for the salvation in Jesus Christ and imitate Mary to be faithful to our Lord.


7 October 2013 - Prefects Inauguration Ceremony


One hundred and four P.5 and P.6 girls are appointed School Prefects this year. Their duties are to help maintain discipline at school and assist teachers and their fellow students. In the Inauguration Ceremony, they received the prefect pins from Sister Pauline and made a pledge in front of the whole school. They promised that they would try their best to carry out their responsibility and act as role models.


27 September 2013 – Curriculum Night


In the evening of 27 September, P1 to P6 parents participated in the curriculum night to learn more about the enhancement of our curriculum. Sr. Pauline and Miss Rosita Yu expounded on the rationale behind the curriculum, while the panel heads gave a detailed explanation of the design of the curriculum and the mode of assessment exercises. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude again to parents for their continuing support and determination to work with us in grooming our children to be self-directed learners.


September, 2013 – Big Sisters Scheme


In order to help our P.1 girls adjust to primary school life as soon as possible, the ‘Big Sisters Scheme’ was launched again this year. P.6 big sisters and the P1 girls at acquainted with one another during a special meeting. They got along well and rapport was built. After this encounter, the big sisters would take care of P.1 little sisters at school by showing them around and helping them to get used to the school routines.


18 September, 2013 – Puberty Talk for P5 and 6 girls


To prepare our girls to move into adolescence from childhood, our school organized a talk for P. 5 and P. 6 girls on issues related to puberty. The talk was given by a registered nurse to raise students’ awareness on the different aspects of changes during this important stage of development. Students were attentive and engaged. They showed interest in knowing more about their changes and developmental needs in becoming teenagers.


9 September 2013 – Opening Mass

The Opening Mass marked the beginning of the new school year of 2013-2014. Fr. Christopher Chor, OP was our celebrant and he expounded on the theme of the Opening Mass, ‘Live in love and Joy. Work with thankful hearts.’ During the offertory, the representatives of different class offered the goals they had set for this school year and presented them to our Lord by putting them on the “Goal Tree”. The Mass came to an end with a beautiful song ‘Give Thanks’ led by some P2 girls. It reminded all of us to live in thanksgiving.

31 August 2013 –  Orientation Day for new P1 Students


The school hall was teemed with life on the last day of the summer vacation. Over 200 new students came back with their parents to have a first taste of their primary school life. They were introduced to their teachers and classmates and they also learnt some classroom routines.


23 July – 14 August 2013 Summer School – Thornton College, England


During the summer break, 40 students from P.5 and P.6 of the school, accompanied by Sister Lucia Leung, Miss Chris Cheng, Miss April Tsang and Miss Candy Wong, participated in an intensive ‘summer course’ organized by Thornton College from 23rd July to 14th August.

The students really enjoyed this exciting summer programme in England, including visits to various places such as London, Cambridge, Oxford and Warwick. Indeed, the students did learn many things during the period, including but not limited to knowledge of the history and culture of the country, and each one of them had every opportunity to speak English on a day by day basis, which helped strengthen their proficiency in English speaking.

Another important focus of the learning programme in Thornton is the use of grammar and the application of grammatical structures, and this would help reinforce what our students had learned in Hong Kong. The teachers at Thornton had also attempted to deliver their English lessons as interestingly and interactively as possible, so that our students were better able to learn new skills in speaking and writing English in a more comfortable manner !



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