9 July 2015 - Year-End Thanksgiving Mass and Prize Giving Ceremony


On 9th July, the school held a mass of Thanksgiving at the School Hall to thank God for His Blessing over this school year. We invited Rev. Giovanni Giampietro, P.I.M.E., to celebrate the Mass in which all the girls and teachers gave thanks for the blessed year of 2014 – 2015 that had gone by.
Rev. Giovanni Giampietro, P.I.M.E. reminded us to thank those who helped us in our growth, people who teach and care for us, such as our parents, teachers and friends.
The Mass was followed by a prize-giving ceremony to acknowledge the hard work of our P1-5 girls in their academic performances throughout the year. It began with Sr. Pauline Yuen, MIC awarding students with the best academic achievement in each grade. Then, Mrs. Cheng, a parent of a past student, presented the scholarships to those who came first in Chinese, English and Maths in each level. Apart from the academic awards, one girl was chosen from each class by teachers to receive the best conduct award as recognition of their positive attitude towards people and commendable behavior while at school. Sr. Pauline Yuen, MIC reminded all the girls to develop an eagerness in learning and each of them should set a goal for herself and try her best to achieve this goal in the coming school year.

24 June 2015 - ECA Day


As a token to appreciate the hard work of our students, the school has arranged a special day to showcase their special talents. On 24th June, all the girls gathered in the school hall to watch the performances by the different ECA groups, such as Chinese and English drama performances, Chinese dance and modern dance performances. A video show was put up during the event, which had captured snapshots of the different groups when they girls were having their lessons with the teachers or tutors during the ECA periods. All the girls were excited to see the excellent work of their fellow classmates and it had indeed given them a chance to appreciate the good work and effort of others.

22 and 23 June 2015 - PE Game Day


The PE Game Days were held on 22nd and 23rd of June at school. The event started with a prize presentation to our athletes who had done very well in the past school year and won many sports competitions. Sr. Pauline Yuen, MIC, presented the prizes to the awardees and thanked them for their hard work, and encouraged those at the ceremony to learn from the athletes, especially their determination and perseverance. After the presentation, girls of different grades took turns to play the different games set up at different places in school. Girls in the Hall joined the rope skipping competition while those in the covered court took part in the obstacle race. For the upper grade girls, they had basketball competitions in the covered playground of the secondary section. The two-day programme ended with laughters.


19 June 2015 - P6 Thanksgiving Liturgy


One of our highlights of the P6 graduation is the Thanksgiving Liturgy. This year it was held in the evening of 19th June in the School Hall. Parents of the graduates were invited to join this special event. We invited Rev. Giovanni Giampietro, P.I.M.E., to lead the liturgy. The theme of the liturgy is to find our treasure in life. Father Giovanni reminded us not to become slaves to material things. Instead, we should love and care for others around us. During the liturgy, some of the girls and their parents shared about their growth journey in Good Hope and their gratitude to the School with all the other participants. The liturgy ended with beautiful songs sung by the graduates.


15 and 16 June 2015 - Visual Art Day


To develop our girls’ potentials in Art, the school launched two Visual Art Days on 15th and 16th of June. Each day started with a prize presentation to acknowledge our students who have participated in different Art competitions. Sr. Pauline Yuen, MIC, presented prizes to the winners and encouraged everyone to take part in similar competitions in future. The purpose of participating in such events should not only aim at awards; instead, we should enjoy the process of doing and appreciating art work. After the prize presentation, the girls were asked to enter a drawing competition. They were asked to each draw a picture with the choice of some given themes. The girls were so focused while they were drawing. Even the principal and the teachers joined in drawing pictures too. After the competition, different art workshops and games were conducted for the girls by our teachers.


1 April 2015 - Lenten liturgy


Lent is a time for us to prepare ourselves for the death and resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, our school held a Lenten liturgy before the Easter Holiday. The theme of the liturgy is “We are the children of God.” As God, our almighty Father, is always willing to forgive us, we should repent and turn back to God. During the liturgy, family members of 5E Leung Hiu Yan, Natalie shared their feeling towards their baptism with the whole school. Miss Cheng Wai Ling, Chris also shared about her feeling of being a catechumen. The liturgy was simple but solemn and inspiring.

After the liturgy, the members of Young Pioneers of Christ had their inauguration on stage and made a pledge that they would be the imitators of Christ to serve others with love.


30 March to 1April—Religious Education (R.E.) Week


The RE week was held during the Holy Week with “The Good News of the Gospel” as the theme. Through different activities, which were organized by the teachers and students of the senior forms, we hope to spread the message of God to our students.
The activities included singing hymns with Sister Pauline, doing puzzles of bible stories, matching game of the Saints, answering questions of the bible stories and art and crafts. Students of the junior grade made lovely sheep with cotton buds and students of senior forms used paper and scissors to cut a cross in a special way.
Moreover, a ‘Prayer Tree’ was placed at the covered court. Students were encouraged to write their prayers on the paper and put on the tree.
Students enjoyed the activities very much. We hope that they could receive the Good News of the Gospel through these activities and be ready to spread it to the people around them.


30 March – Joint sections Way of the Cross


The primary section joined the secondary session for the Way of the Cross. We had chosen “environmental care” as the theme. God created this wonderful world for us, however, people nowadays keep polluting and damaging it. Therefore, we hope by the power of praying, we can arouse the students’ awareness to save and protect our environment. The MIC sisters, the principals, catholic teachers and students of both sections and students of the Pioneer of Christ (P.4-P.6) gathered at the main gate of the primary section. With songs and prayers, we finished the 14 stations of the way of the cross from the primary section to the secondary section.



4 March 2015 - Cool Science Day


P.4A students were happy to participate in the Cool Science Day of the Secondary Section. They had much fun in playing the games and doing experiments. They also enjoyed the delicious food prepared by the secondary teachers and students. Not only did this activity arouse our students’ interest in science but it also provided an opportunity for them to understand more about the secondary school life.


16 February 2015 - Prayer Service for Chinese New Year


To celebrate the coming of the Year of the Ram, the whole School gathered in the Hall for a prayer service, thanking God for the gifts of the past year and asking for His blessings in the new year. The Gospel passage reminded us of the Good Shepherd who would not give up even one of His sheep. We should be encouraged as we are all the little lambs of Christ.


10 February 2015 - A Visit to Hong Kong Heritage Museum:
Dunhuang - Untold Tales, Untold Stories


Fifty-five P.6 students visited the exhibition that showcased the valuable Dunhuang artefacts. The Dunhuang Caves are known as the “Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages” and the “Library on the Wall”. The collections in the caves preserve valuable artefacts within the realm of different disciplines, including religion, art, history and ethnology.
The girls had a good time and learnt much from the presentation of their teachers. After the visit, some of them said they would bring their parents to the museum and act as the guide of the private tour.


9 – 16 February 2015 – Chinese Culture Week


The Chinese Culture Week was held in our school from 9 to 16 February. The theme of the event this year was “Face to face with Chinese Culture”. Throughout the week, a series of activities such as Lantern Riddles Solving Game, Paper-cutting Arts Workshops, Chinese Music Performances and the “Three-word-classic recitation” Competition etc. were organized during the lunch break in the covered playground and receiving phenomenal reception from students.
The Chinese Culture week was brought to a climax on the “Traditional Costume Day” on 16th February. 12 booths were set up in the covered playground. Among them there were “Chinese New Year Festive Food Giveaway”, and “Chinese Idiom Guessing Game”. There was also no lack of fun in the Hall, where activities such as “Thousand-people Three-word-classic Mass Recitation”, “Chinese New Year Sing-along” and “Tongue Twister Competition” were held. The most exciting activities of all, however, were no doubt the Lion Dance performance by the Secondary students and the Lucky Money giveaway session by the God of Wealth.
Amidst the jovial, light-hearted atmosphere, the Chinese Culture Week drew to a successful close.


5 February 2015 - 23rd Annual Sports Day


The 23rd Annual Sports Day was held successfully on 5 February 2015 at Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground. We were happy to have Ms. Mary Wong, our past senior teacher, to be our guest of honour.
In order to score points for their House, all the participants tried very hard to win the races on that day. The House Relay Tournament was one of the most exciting events. Besides Good Hopers from Secondary and Primary, the representatives of each House who participated in the House Relay Tournament also included our teachers. The girls were so excited when they saw them run and they cheered loudly for them.
This year, Holly House was declared the Overall Champion again and Rose House was awarded the Best Cheering Team. Our Sports Day ended with joy and excitement and we all looked forward to our next Sports Day in 2016.


February 2015 - A visit to Legislative Council Complex for Primary 6


A visit to the Legislative Council Complex was arranged for our Primary 6 students as an extension of the GS curriculum. This is to enhance the students’ understanding of the work of the Legislature and to provide an opportunity for them to visit the facilities in the Legislative Council Complex. Students were given the opportunity to role play debating on the bill.



29 January 2015 - Author Talk : Mr. Wang Wen-hua


On 29 January, we were privileged to welcome Mr. Wang Wen-hua, a renowned Taiwanese writer, to our School. Mr. Wang delivered two sessions of talk to our junior and senior students respectively. In the talk, he shared with us on how to foster our creativity. His lively presentations proved himself not only a good writer, but also an eloquent speaker. We all had a very good time.      Afterwards, Mr. Wang held an autograph session and many girls were very happy to have Mr. Wang’s signature on their books


5 January 2015 - A Talk on Climate Change and Low Carbon Living


We are honoured to have the Climate Youth Network come to our Monday Assembly to impart the valuable fight-against-climate-change message to our students. The team is Hong Kong’s first school climate network under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to harness young people's power to combat climate change.  The students were very attentive and participative in the talk.


1 January 2015 – Annual New Year Concert


It has been always the tradition of Good Hope School to welcome the New Year with a Concert to show case what our young musicans have learnt in the music camp in the last week of Decemeber. This year, the theme of the concert is “Les Voix de Lamitié” (Voice of Friendship). Choirs of the primary, kindergarten and secondary sections sang in different languages as a sign to highlight the universality of music. The angelic voices of all the choir members dressed up in an array of elegant concert gowns filled everyone with awe and admiration.



20- 21 December 2014 – Diamond Jubilee Home Coming Day


As another special event of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, the Primary and the Kindergarten section organized a Home Coming Day for all past, present and prospective students, parents and relatives to visit the School and to experience the spirit of the Good Hope Family. A solemn opening ceremony was held at the main entrance and after that There were beautiful displays of student works and games in the classrooms, and there were performances in the hall to show case the talents of the students. Some secondary and primary students dressed in the costumes of “Alice in Wonderland” and served as student ambassadors. We also took the opportunity to raise funds for Cookie Campaign of the Helping Hand as well as for the welfare of the Good Hope cats. The campus teemed with happy, smiling faces and one could feel a strong kinship with one another.


18 December 2014 – Christmas Celebration


The school celebrated Christmas with joyful hearts in a special assembly. We began the celebration with a nativity play, prayers and hymns which reminded us that the birth of Jesus Christ was the primary reason of celebrating Christmas. All the students prepared a Christmas gift for Jesus Christ by promising that they would help and love the needy in the world. Before the Christmas party in the classrooms, the junior and senior choirs sang some beautiful carols such as “Ring the Bells” and “A Call to Christmas”. We all enjoyed celebrating the season of joy!



December 2014 – Advent


On 6 December 2014, the School celebrated the first Sunday of Advent. During the period of Advent, the Catholic Church reminds us to prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus Christ. Some of our girls shared the meaning of Advent and invited the whole school to help the needy and pray for them as a gift to our Lord. During the Monday assemblies, candles of the Advent wreath were lit.







5 December 2014 – Celebration of the MIC Feast Day


On 5th December, all our students and teachers gathered in the school hall to celebrate the MIC Feast Day. We were happy to have some MIC sisters with us on that day. The celebration began with the introduction of MIC. After the bible reading and the prayers of the faithful, we shared a video which was about the life of our MIC sisters. Some students also shared their experiences with different MIC sisters. The celebration ended with the song “Give Thanks” and the presentation of souvenirs to the MIC.





14 November 2014
P.4 English Theme-based Unit – sports: Lacrosse


As part of the theme based unit of sports in their English lesson this term, the P.4 girls had an opportunity to gain some hands on experience with a new and exciting sport – lacrosse.


Two coaches from the Hong Kong Lacrosse Association demonstrated and taught the girls some basic skills of throwing, catching, cradling and picking up the ball.  After some sweat and laughter, the girls grasped their chances to interview the coaches for some extra information about lacrosse to put into their informative report.





November 2014 –The month of the holy souls


November, the month of the holy souls, is a month dedicated to the commemoration of our friends and relatives who have passed away.  At a assembly, some students shared with us the meaning of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. They were told to pray for those in purgatory so that they can enter into the eternal glory of God. The girls were also reminded to learn from the saints and practice their virtues in daily lives.





3 November 2014 - Education Symposium


On 3rd November, an education symposium on “Nurturing women leaders of tomorrow” was held for the three sections of the school as a Diamond Jubilee event. We invited Dr. Rosanna Wong Yick-ming, DBE, JP to be our keynote speaker and renowned speakers to give different parallel sessions which were conducted by different on their areas of expertise. Apart from the talks and seminars, students of other Catholic girls’ schools like Maryknoll Convent, St. Mary’s Canossian College and Tak Oi Secondary School were also invited to showcase their leadership. The symposium ended with a panel discussion directed by Sr. Mary Olga Lam, MIC (former Supervisor and Principal) along with several of her former students, including Sr. Pauline Yuen, MIC (current Supervisor and Principal of the Primary Section). Our senior primary girls also assisted at the Symposium as mistresses of ceremony and student helpers.





November to December 2014
Visit to the Lions Nature Education Centre


Our P.1 students visited the Lion Nature Education Centre in Sai Kung in November and December as an extension of the GS curriculum. They learnt a lot about fruit trees, crops, insects and some sea animals. Although it rained on the days of their visit, they enjoyed this learning experience very much.





6 October 2014 – Inauguration Ceremony of House Captains.


Riding on the successful launch of the House System, the School takes the system to a new level this year. All the students in last year’s houses are now spread out to different classes so the house captains this year will face an extra challenge of uniting her team. At the inauguration ceremony, the house captains presented their speech eloquently and the house mates have to decide who will be the best candidate to lead them. After careful counting by the teachers, the new house captains were inaugurated on the 9th of October. They stood on the stage and said a pledge to promise they will try their best to serve their schoolmates. Will they be able to overcome the challenges ahead? Let us find out this year.





30 & 31 Oct 2014, 1 Nov 2014 - Diamond Jubilee Musical: Alice in Wonderland Jr.


As part of the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, the Good Hope Family staged the musical “Alice in Wonderland Jr.” in the primary hall for 4 shows. About 30 primary students played the roles of Small Alice, the Rabbit, the children and the cardsmen. The show was a great success and everybody was thrilled by the exquisite and professional performance of the actresses.

6 October 2014 - House Captain Platform


After the first round of election, candidates for the house captains presented their vision and mission to the whole school. They were all confident and determined to demonstrate their abilities.

6 – 9 October 2014 - House Captains Election


After listening to the platforms of different candidates, the members of different houses cast their votes for their favourite leaders.
3 October 2014 - Month of Rosary


In October, the month of Rosary, students will offer flowers to our Blessed Mother. This year we put the statue of Mary in the covered court so that girls can easily feel the presence of our Blessed Mother

12 September 2014 – Parents' Meeting


The first Parents’ Meeting of this school year was held on 12 September, 2014. The aims of the meeting were to share the evaluations and expectations on our students with our parents. Afterwards, the parents went to their daughter’s classroom and met with the class teachers.

10 September 2014 – Special Assembly


Five-minute Shower Challenge Our GS teachers introduced a campaign “Five –minute Shower Challenge” to our students. This challenge, a large-scale water-saving and low-carbon campaign, is organized by Green Power with the support from China CITIC Bank International. Its major objective is to urge people to shorten their shower time to 5 minutes so as to cut carbon with a view to combat global warming. Our girls are eager to participate in this activity and they promised that they would try their best to help save the environment.

In the second part of the special assembly, Sr. Pauline introduced and explained the meaning of the School Song to the students in the Assembly. Some Hopers who are teachers now also shared their feelings about the School Song with the girls. Afterwards, students and teachers sang the School Song in unison.


8 September 2014 – School Opening Mass


The day started with the Opening Mass of the school year celebrated by Fr. Christopher Chor, OP, and all the staff and students asked for God’s blessing for the year. As it is the feast of the Nativity of Mary, Fr. Christopher exhorted us to love Jesus and His Mother, Mary. He also asked the girls to be good students.

6 September 2014 – P.1 ECA Orientation Day


P.1 students in their new colourful house T-shirts came with the parents to learn about the ECAs provided for them. Professor Patrick Lau, Professor of the Baptist University and a supportive parent, gave an inspiring talk on “Play and Cognitive Learning”. Then the tutors of the instrumental classes also gave a demonstration on the different musical instruments. The girls were happy to have the opportunity to try some of these instruments.

3 September 2014 – Big Sisters Scheme


The P.1 girls were happy to meet their big sisters. This year we have invited the P.5 girls to be the big sisters and they were really very caring.

1 September 2014 - The first day of school
Everyone was excited to come to school. The students were happy to meet one another again. Sr. Pauline welcomed everyone and introduced the new teachers to the assembly.

30 August 2014 – Orientation Day for new P.1 students

We were happy to bid a warm welcome to all new Good Hopers. The P1 students and parents were introduced to their class teachers and foster parents. Then they were taken to the classrooms to get familiarized with the daily routines. The parents were introduced to the P.1 curriculum. New students of other levels were also introduced to their respective class teachers.



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