"IMPOSSIBLE means I'm possible."

~Audrey Hepburn

Our Mission and Vision

The School accepts the call to facilitate the formation of graceful, reflective young women who have a global perspective, and who are mindful of their responsibilities of citizenship and their capability of making a difference.

A Caring Institute

Good Hope School has an excellent reputation for focusing on its students’ achievements and their emotional and social well-being. The MIC Sisters, the School’s sponsoring body, and the SMC are extremely supportive to the students, parents and staff.

VALUES Education at GHS

Before 2016

Character building and wellbeing play an important role in fostering students’ success at Good Hope School. Guided by the school’s core values - Love, Hope, Joy and Thanksgiving - our academic panels, teams and clubs worked out their own plans to create a rich variety of opportunities for students to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and aesthetic dimensions. This was the ‘Good Hope way’ of how to accomplish our mission.

In May 2016

One of the priorities of the School’s 5-year strategic plan (2016-2020) is to strengthen the well-being within the GHS community while nurturing women leaders of the future. We aim at helping our students and staff build positive emotions, enhance their personal resilience and further strengthen their interpersonal relationships, which are crucial characteristics of a leader.

To achieve these goals, our Vice Principal (Student Affairs) and 7 teachers from a range of panels and teams attended a 3-day 2-night Positive Education workshop organized by Geelong Grammar School in May 2016.

In the workshop, the group learnt about how to create wellbeing in school via PERMA and VIA so as to allow both students and staff to flourish. It was found that the spirit and concepts that Positive Education promotes are very similar to what we have been doing at GHS. We were encouraged to move further because we didn’t have to start from scratch.

After May 2016 …

We decided to move forward by re-organising what we already had and integrating what we had learnt for better development. The ‘Positive Education’ Group joined the Values Education Team (VET), which acts like a think-tank, responsible for setting direction, working out plans and bringing different panels and teams together as a whole.

Goals and Objectives

Owing to our dedication to improving students’ and staff’s wellbeing, Good Hope School believes it is crucial to help our students build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, further strengthen their relationships and mindfulness as well as leading a healthy lifestyle using a whole-school approach.

The delivery of both formal and informal curriculums aims to encourage our students to use their character strengths to lead a happier life and learn more effectively and efficiently. They will then be able to

  • understand their strengths and make good use of them in daily life, e.g. being a fair leader, showing kindness to the needy, and being brave and curious to try new experiences
  • bolster resilience to overcome challenges
  • foster a supportive relationship and build a closer bond with family members, schoolmates and friends
  • cultivate a sense of purpose in life by contributing to the welfare of others

Through positive education, we hope to support all students and staff to flourish.


The Core Group

Ms Jenny Lau Miss Grace Pow Miss Emma Lau Ms Anna Wu Mr. Gordon Lum Ms Elim Cheung Mr. Leander Pang Ms Pauline Chun Miss Angel Chu Mr. Edmond Lam


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Feel free to approach our Values Education Team if you are interested to know more about how positive education is practised at Good Hope School.
Our Team is very happy to share and exchange ideas with you through presentations and workshops.