Scholarships, Awards and Prizes
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Scholarships, Awards and Prizes for the 65th Anniversary Celebration

I. Most Improved Award
II. Devoted Service Award for the 65th Anniversary
III. Tuition Scholarships
An increase in the number of places for the Academic Tuition Scholarships, Tuition Scholarships for Choir Members, and Tuition Scholarships for Instrumental Team Members.

Other Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

I. Tuition Scholarships 

Academic Tuition Scholarships
Alan Lee’s Scholarships for Prominent Student Visual Artists*
Scholarships for Elite Athletes
Tuition Scholarships for Choir Members*
Tuition Scholarships for Instrumental Team Members*

  * Application is open to current students in the corresponding teams or group.  Details will be sent through email when the application period is open (usually in late April or May).
II. Awards for Open Application  

Details will be sent to students via email when the application is open (usually in November).

  1. Academic Performance and Personal Development 
  Howard / Pilon Scholarships 
Janet Scholarships 
Laura Burchill Awards 
  2. Service
  Mrs. Madeleine Wong Scholarships 
  3. Excellence in Music 
  Helen Yung Awards 
Martin Tai Memorial Scholarships 
III. Other Awards or Prizes
  A. Academic 
Outstanding Academic Achievements Awards 
Awards for Academic Excellence in Subjects
Academic Improvement Prizes
Reading Awards 
Awards exclusively for S.6 students
Academic-related Awards
Amy Wong High Achiever Award 
Amy Wong Most Improved Award 
  B. Aesthetic 
Instrumental Music Programme Awards
Awards exclusively for S.6 students
Chinese Orchestra Awards
Choir Awards
Drama Awards
Music Awards
String Orchestra Awards
Symphonic Band Awards
Visual Arts Awards
  C. Leadership
Leadership Awards (Class)
Awards exclusively for S.6 students
Central Board Awards
House Awards
Prefect Board Awards
  D. Personal Development 
Best Conduct Awards
Exemplary Students Awards
Shield of Hope Awards 
Award exclusively for S.6 students
Punctuality Awards
  E. Service 
Awards for Devoted Class Service
Wong Pui King Memorial Scholarship
Awards exclusively for S.6 students 
Awards for Devoted Service in Religious Activities
Awards for Devoted Service in School Media Production
Awards for Devoted Service in Uniform Groups
  F. Good Hope Spirit 
Sister Mary Olga Lam, MIC Scholarship
Award and Scholarship exclusively for S.6 students 
Award of Love, Hope, Joy and Thanksgiving
MIC Centennial Scholarship 
  G. Overseas Exposure 
Student Leaders Exchange Awards 
  H. Performance in Catholic Class 
Fanny Ho Scholarship 
Lily Mary Howard Scholarship 
  I. Principal Awards / Tuition Scholarships
These are discretionary awards / tuition scholarships given to students who have made a contribution to the School and / or are identified as having potential to achieve more in the future.
  J. Others
Diligence and Perseverance Awards (for P.6 students from Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten)


  1. There are conditions and requirements stipulated for all the awards / prizes / scholarships offered by the School.
  2. The School reserves the rights to make changes to and to interpret the meanings of the conditions and requirements for all the awards / prizes / scholarships offered by the School.
  3. The Principal and / or Supervisor reserve the right to grant / terminate the awards / prizes / scholarships for any student.








Wofoo Outstanding Student Citizen Campaign

Top Ten Outstanding Student Award

HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2020

Finalist & Champion(Senior Division),
District Finalists

2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Art and Design Competition


RTHK - The Speaker 2020

The Champion

Hong Kong Budding Poet (English) Award 2019/20

The Outstanding Poet Award (Honorable Mention) & The Poet of the School Award

第22屆香港青少年科技創新大賽 - 科學幻想畫


無毒「郵」心起 郵票設計比賽

冠軍 及 亞軍

世界閱讀日創作比賽 - 閱讀 , 伴我成長

初中組 - 中文組 - 優勝獎
高中組 - 中文組 - 優勝獎

The 2nd 3D stop motion animation design competition

Best Shooting Award

SCMP Student of the Year Award

1st runner-up of the Linguist (Cantonese) category

Performing Artists

Performing Artists


Community Contributor

Science and Mathematics

Shaping Our Future City 2019

Champion and Best Poster Award

EDB Business-School Partnership Programme

Outstanding Activities Report Award



English Public Speaking Contest with C&MA Sun Kei Secondary School

First Place

Make Our Seas Come BLUE Eco-arts Parade

Group 3&4
Group 1&2





HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest

Third Place Award



69th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First Place
Second Place
Third Place



The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection

Top ten outstanding students

The 15th CILTHK Essay Competition

First runner up

Media 21 Annual Campus Video Competition

Outstanding Drama Group



Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

HKSSF Table Tennis Competition (Division One) Girls A Grade